What is the Best Natural Headache Relief?

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Since over the counter drugs often have unwanted side effects, many people are now searching for a way to relieve headaches naturally. Natural headache relief can be achieved by trying a few different natural remedies. Some of these remedies include fruits loaded with antioxidants, natural herbs and teas, and some forms of alternative medicine.

Each person is unique, which is why one form of natural headache relief may work well for one person, but the same remedy may not work at all for another person. Thus, it is important to try various forms of natural headache relief until the right remedy has been found. One of the most popular forms of natural headache relief is through massage therapy.

Massage therapists who specialize in relieving tension can effectively eliminate most headaches. Through specific movements, these experts can relieve any built-up tension that is causing a headache. Alternately, simply rubbing the temple area frequently relieves headache pain. Acupuncture and aroma therapy are also helpful to some people who suffering from constant headaches.

Aside from alternative medicine, certain foods can also play a large part when it comes to diminishing headache pain. Foods that are rich in antioxidants such as cherries, apricots, peppers, and pineapple have been proven to relieve some strain caused by headaches. Likewise, drinking an excessive amount of water is a quick way to alleviate headache tension.


Some people believe that certain herbs are an excellent way to get rid of headaches. Feverfew is an herb that is prized as one of the best ways to diminish headaches. This herb can be consumed in the form of tea, and it can also be purchased in tablet form from trusted merchants. The one drawback to feverfew is that withdrawal symptoms can occur when use of this herb is stopped.

In addition to all of the natural headache relief options listed above, attempting to eliminate stress is also a great way to relieve a throbbing headache. Many headaches are caused by stress, and working to relieve this stress will also reduce headache pain. People who are able to exercise, sleep, or take a few moments to unwind frequently find a great deal of headache relief. Any one of the natural headache relief remedies listed above will help to reduce headache pain. Still, most headaches have an underlying cause, and finding the root of a headache will, in turn, help with finding a viable solution.



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@gardenturtle: I think what you are talking about is called Head-On. I am not sure as to its effectiveness because I’ve never tried it. I looked it up and the main active ingredients are: Iris Versicolor, Potassium Dichromate, and White Bryony.

The potassium dichromate is a common culprit in chromium dermatitis. It is also considered carcinogenic. White Bryony acts as an irritant and sometimes causes inflammation where it is applied. The Iris Versicolor acts as a stimulant to the liver and intestinal glands. It can cause nausea and is often used in the treatment of syphilis and different skin problems.

I’m not sure that I would want to use it after reading about the ingredients.

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I have suffered from headaches for many years. Some of them are tension headaches and some are sinus headaches. I have looked for different remedies for headaches for quite some time and recently heard about some kind of stuff that you rub on your forehead. Has anyone ever heard of that?

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