What is the Best Business Start up Advice?

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Some of the best business start up advice includes an understanding of the business’s intended market, making sure there is enough start up capital, and avoiding debt. In many instances, business start up advice may seem contradictory, because various business models carry very different levels of risk and reward. For instance, it could take years to develop the expertise to open a new independent restaurant, while opening a franchise eatery is often much more simple and straightforward.

Another piece of business start up advice involves subtle mimicry. Success in business does not happen by accident, so it may be a good idea to study similar businesses that have proven effective to attempt to determine what they are doing right. It would not be a good idea to start a new business that is a carbon copy of another, but using similar marketing campaigns and advertising might be something to consider.

Many people start new businesses without having enough back-up funds. According to research, those who plan to start a new business should ideally have enough money to pay business expenses for at least the first year. Depending on the type of business, that time frame could be extended, as some businesses take much longer to begin earning profits.


A common mistake made by many new business owners is the failure to purchase enough advertising. Even if there does not appear to be a great deal of competition, customers must be solicited. Common ways to advertise include newspaper, radio, and television. In addition, businesses with niche markets may want to place ads in trade publications or magazines geared toward their customer base.

People who are ready to start their own business should probably pick an area where they have expertise, as having a background in the field will help in numerous ways. Having experience will usually make it easier to find the best suppliers and employees necessary to help get the business up and running. In addition, those who have a background associated with their new business usually have a better understanding of the market the business will target.

For those who believe they need business start up advice, they may want to start at their local library. Hundreds of books have been written that address the issue, and many are specific to certain types of business concerns. In many cases, these books have been penned by entrepreneurs who have successfully started new enterprises, and their advice could prove very beneficial, especially to those who are starting their own business for the first time.



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