What is Testosterone Suspension?

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Testosterone suspension is a water-based anabolic-androgenic steroid that is typically injected to increase muscle mass. An anabolic-androgenic steroid is a drug that is intended to mimic testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, the most common and potent male sex hormones. Testosterone suspension is considered to be among the most potent and effective anabolic-androgenic steroids. It is commonly used in medical treatments to help patients regain lost weight to due to illness or surgery, and it can help treat conditions associated with low testosterone. It is also quite popular among athletes seeking to increase muscle mass or among individuals who wish to enhance or normalize various masculine characteristics, such as body hair or voice tone. The use of testosterone suspension and other anabolic-androgenic steroids is quite controversial in athletics — and is banned by many athletic organizations — because it comes with several health risks and is considered by many to be a form of cheating.

Like other anabolic-androgenic steroids, testosterone suspension works by increasing the rate of proteins synthesis in cells, resulting in anabolism, or the buildup of cellular tissue. This process is particularly pronounced in the muscles, as can be seen by the pronounced muscle growth demonstrated by steroid users. Such steroids have important medicinal uses, particularly from those who suffer from various forms of hormone imbalances; they can be used to induce puberty, fight wasting conditions such as AIDS, and stimulate bone growth.

Though the use of testosterone suspension has many benefits, it is not without its risks and side effects, many of which discourage prolonged use of the steroid. High doses or prolonged use can cause hormone imbalances that cause such problems as acne, mood instability, and voice change. More significant risks include liver damage, heart damage, increased blood pressure, and increased cholesterol levels, all of which can, in severe enough cases, lead to death. These health risks, along with other factors, have led to a great deal of controversy about the use of steroids such as testosterone suspension for non-medicinal purposes. All major athletic groups have banned the use of testosterone suspension as a performance enhancer because it is both dangerous and unfair.

Testosterone suspension tends to enhance masculine characteristics in people, so men use the steroid far more often than women do. Women who use it may develop undesired secondary sex characteristics, such as deeper voices or increased body and facial hair. Small injections can, however, have a localized effect with little risk of developing such masculine characteristics, so some women do choose to use such steroids. A woman may, for instance, inject her calves or inner thighs in order to improve muscle tone. If problems do develop, the steroid clears one's system quite quickly, so they are unlikely to last for a significant period of time.


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