What is Testosterone Replacement?

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Testosterone replacement is the collective name for various treatments that are used to address low testosterone levels in the body and restore those levels to a normal range. The object of this type of replacement therapy is to compensate for any factor that may have impacted the body’s ability to produce the proper levels of testosterone. When supervised by a qualified physician, it is possible to identify the reason for the lack of testosterone and identify the best method of compensating for the lower levels of this male hormone.

There are a number of reasons why testosterone replacement may be necessary. One has to do with the failure of various organs to function properly. For example, testosterone deficiency may be due to problems with the pituitary gland or some type of damage sustained to the testes. Once medical tests are ran to determine the origin, the proper course of treatment can commence.

In many cases, it is possible to use oral medication to manage the process of testosterone replacement. As with many medications, tablets formulated to increase testosterone levels come in different strengths. A physician can evaluate the current level of testosterone present and determine what would be a beneficial dosage that would allow the levels to increase at a safe pace.


When tablets are not practical for some reason, there are other methods of testosterone replacement to consider. One option is to go with intramuscular injections on a regular basis. Often, once or twice a month is considered sufficient. For the most part, the injections should be administered by a medical professional.

Patches are another possible means of managing testosterone replacement. Usually worn on the scrotum or thigh, patches increase testosterone levels incrementally and eliminate the need to schedule injections or to remember to take medication each day. A testosterone patch can be applied shortly after a shower and is often so comfortable that it is possible to forget the device is in place.

Some men find that the use of a testosterone cream or gel is a viable method of managing testosterone replacement. Applying the cream or gel in a manner similar to using body lotion, the ingredients seep into the pores of the skin and aid in the elevation of depleted testosterone levels. Creams are also sometimes viewed as more convenient than pills or injections, and do not require the change and reapplication process that is necessary with a patch.

The use of testosterone replacement therapy may be temporary, while the body is healing from some sort of physical trauma. However, many forms of the therapy can also be used for the long term, if there are permanent circumstances that make it impossible to produce adequate levels of testosterone naturally. In either case, testosterone replacement products should always be used under the direction of a physician. This will help minimize the chances for any ill effects while also ensuring the method used is elevating testosterone levels adequately.



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