What is Small Space Gardening?

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Small space gardening is a term that refers to the activity of establishing a flower or vegetable garden in a limited amount of space. The area for the garden may be a small bed contained in the small back yard of a garden home, or even involve the use of planters and other containers to provide gardening space for apartment dwellers. The idea behind small space gardening is that just about anyone can enjoy gardening and reap the benefits of the activity, even if space is severely limited.

In cases of garden homes and semi-detached living spaces, occupants normally have no more than a small lawn space located at the rear of the building. A portion of this small amount of ground can easily be prepared for garden space. Because the area is so small, the home gardener requires very little in the way of gardening equipment. A simple trowel, gardening gloves and a short handled hoe may be all that is needed to keep the garden properly weeded and to plant various types of vegetables or flowers. While small in size, even a garden planted in this limited space can produce significant amounts of foods such as tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers.


For people who live in apartments, there is often no ground space available for planting a garden. Still, it is possible to live in an apartment and have enjoy small space gardening. If the apartment includes a terrace or small patio area that receives sufficient sunlight, the gardener can engage in what is often referred to as container gardening. The plants are grown in a variety of containers that may be placed on the floor of the space, or allowed to flourish in hanging baskets. As long as the containers allow for proper water drainage and the space received sufficient sunlight, it is possible to grow a number of small vegetable plants without creating any issues with the landlord.

The benefits of small space gardening include the ability to enjoy fresh produce on an ongoing basis. Many people find that tending to the small garden is a great way to reduce stress levels, as the attention and care of the garden is minimal. In some cases, small space gardening helps to stretch the budget, since there need to purchase fresh vegetables is minimized or eliminated altogether. Even if the space allows for no more than two or three containers to be placed on a small deck or patio, people can enjoy all these advantages, as well as the satisfaction of watching something grow and develop.



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