What is Raised Gardening?

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Raised gardening is a type of gardening technique that does not require preparing and tilling soil in order to create a garden. A raised garden is positioned on top of the ground, and is usually contained by the construction of some type of retaining wall. The wall can be created using wood beams or even recycled or repurposed materials, such as old tires.

Constructing raised gardens is a relatively simple task. One popular approach is to create a simple frame using old wooden beams. Once the beams are in place, the bottom of the garden is lined with old cardboard sheeting. The cardboard is then moistened, allowing the decomposition process to begin. Loose soil is placed over the cardboard. Finally, seeds are added to the garden, using the fingers to poke small holes in the soil, depositing the seeds, and then lightly covering them again.

There are a number of benefits associated with raised gardening. One of the more popular advantages is that there is no need to break up hard ground, or treat the soil so that it can support plant life. Since the raised bed garden sets on the surface of the ground, it is an easy task to use soil that is already rich in nutrients and does not have to be broken up prior to the planting.


Another advantage to raised gardening is that the process of creating this type of garden is very environmentally friendly. The use of old cardboard to feed the garden makes it possible to use something that would probably end up in a landfill otherwise. When the retaining wall for the raised garden is made with salvaged wood or old tractor tires, this also helps to make use of materials that would have gone to waste in other circumstances.

Raised garden beds do not necessarily have to be constructed on the ground. They can just as easily be placed on a patio or even created inside. This makes it possible for people who have little to no space for a traditional garden to still cultivate flowers, fruits, or vegetables on a smaller scale. From this perspective, raised gardening is a great option for people who live in a city.

The process of raised gardening is often easier for people with physical limitations. Because the raised vegetable garden can be built to any height desires, someone who has trouble stooping or bending the knees can easily position a chair next to the raised garden and sit comfortably while planting, gathering, or working the soil. This quality makes it possible for people to pursue gardening as a hobby even when health issues would prevent them from planting a traditional garden.



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