What is Small Business Consulting?

Small business consulting is the process of providing advice and support to small businesses, with the goal of helping those businesses achieve their financial and operational goals. In many respects, small business consulting is similar to any other form of business consulting. The difference is that the approaches and strategies used are adapted to fit the unique needs of the smaller business operation.

Small business consulting comes in a variety of forms. There are consultants who specialize in helping small businesses structure their internal operations so that the resources on hand are utilized to best effect. This often includes evaluating current structure and procedures and identifying what is working well, and what can be changed to enhance the productivity of the overall operation.

Other small business consulting may be focused on public relations efforts. Small businesses rarely have the same resources available for advertising campaigns as larger corporations. Consultants who take on small businesses as clients often work with key people within the organization to identify primary and secondary consumer groups who are likely to purchase the goods or services offered by the company, then design creative ways to reach those groups of consumers. Depending on the targeted consumers, the consultant may help develop and implement a marketing campaign that makes use of print media, radio, television, and even Internet advertising.

There are also those who specialize in providing assistance in setting up accounting processes and procedures for small businesses. Small business consulting of this type often goes beyond simply setting up a set of electronic accounting books that comply with governmental regulations. Often, the consulting will also include helping the client select the best accounting software for their current needs, with an eye toward securing software that can be enhanced with additional features as the business grows.

Small business consulting can be helpful for just about any type of small business. This includes those who are self-employed as independent contractors, since most national tax agencies include these types of individuals as small businesses in their policies and procedures for reporting and paying taxes. Anyone who is thinking of setting up a small business, even one that will not have any employees, would do well to work with a small business consultant. The knowledge and experience can help the new business owner avoid a number of common mistakes, including issues that could lead to tax penalties. Taking the time to work with a consultant of this type increases the chances for success over the long term, and can help the business owner create a solid foundation that will serve the company well for a number of years.


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