How do I Choose the Best Small Business Credit Cards?

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The best small business credit cards are those which offer the most generous incentives and reasonable payment terms to the small business owner. Many small businesses are operating on limited budgets and therefore having the opportunity to extend the budget by use of a low interest credit card is an attractive option. Credit card companies have realized this and are therefore offering more credit card plans to small businesses to assist with the capital needed to operate and fund small business objectives.

When deciding what is the best small business credit card to sign up for, the smart approach is to conduct a business credit card comparison study to learn more about the various features and benefits offered by credit card companies. Each company may offer different types of small business credit cards that provide varying degrees of incentives for the business. There may be special offers designed just for small businesses like zero percent interest rates for the first few months or delayed repayment terms. Credit cards may also be available that offer rebates for purchases – in the form of payments to the small business for purchases made with the credit card.


In general, a small start-up business may have low equity and may need to apply for small business credit cards with low balance thresholds. They might settle for a plan at a higher interest rate until the business capital grows and more credit accounts and financial references are established. The advantage that a small business has is that generally unsecured business credit cards are offered by companies initially. This is in contrast to regular consumer credit cards that may require a small deposit to be made upfront to fund the credit account.

The small business will want to determine if the credit line being offered by the small business credit cards is adequate to cover the needs of its use. If certain equipment or supply purchases need to be made by the small company, there needs to be enough credit offered to make the use of the credit card worthwhile. The interest rate should also be taken into consideration as it may be more feasible to apply for a small business loan to fund a capital purchase so that the repayment makes less of an impact financially.

When applying for small business credit cards, it may be helpful to speak with the small business credit card representative that understands the needs of the small business owner. Each business is different and any special requirements or payment terms should be discussed during the application process to ensure the best results of obtaining the credit card. To keep things simple, it may be wise to apply for a business credit card with the trusted financial organization such as the bank or credit union where other financial transactions have also successfully been managed by the small business owner.



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