What is Required on a Summer School Application?

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There are many different things that could be required on a summer school application, and especially for high school or junior high students parents may need to fill out much of the application. People entering college for the first time may have other requirements, such as filling out a Free Student Application for Financial Aid in addition to any applications the school requests. It can really vary based on the requirements of an individual school, but the following are some things people might need:

Most summer school application forms require name, name of any guardians, address, and possibly social security number. Many more colleges are asking for email addresses. If the applicant doesn’t have one, there are plenty of search engines or other sites that offer a free email account. Parents or the student may need to also provide emergency contact information, including a cell phone number, work and home phone numbers, or the name of a relative or friend to call if a parent can’t be reached.

Programs at the high school and college level could ask for copies of transcripts. Some of the more scholastic programs require letters of recommendation or letters certifying fitness to participate in certain courses. Some rigorous programs may further require an essay to prove strong academic skills.


Students may be asked a number of questions such as if they plan to live on campus, including whether they have any disabilities, or special dietary needs. Parents may have to submit health records on students, particularly if a medical problem exists or if a student under 18 needs to take daily medication or has life-threatening allergies. From time to time a summer school application won’t be accepted unless it is submitted with proof of insurance, usually at least medical. Something else summer school applications may require, particularly for students under 18, is a release of liability signed by parents or guardians. This helps to protect the school if a student is accidentally injured on campus.

Certain types of the summer school application may not be as involved. Students taking summer school at a local public school may only need to have their parents fill out a page or two and an emergency contact form. If the school is within the same district as the student’s school, it already has most of the student’s information. Students might still need to prove they ought to be in summer school, and might have present a recommendation from a counselor or evidence of failing grades, since many public schools now limit enrollment to a very few.

Unlike the summer school application for public school, many other programs may assess an application fee. This can vary, and averages about $50 US Dollars (USD) when it is charged. People may want to narrow down choices of schools to two or three if this fee is charged, since this can boost cost.



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