How do I Choose the Best Summer School Program?

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If you are looking for a summer school program, the first thing to do is to decide exactly what you are hoping to get out of the program and what you require of the program. You can outline your requirements for a summer school program by answering the following questions. Take a minute to jot down your answers on a sheet of paper.

  • Do I need to get some kind of school credit for my classes?
  • Do I need to take remedial classes as a part of my summer school program?
  • How much money can I afford to spend on my summer school program?
  • Do I need to attend a program that offers scholarships, tuition forgiveness, or financial aid?
  • How much time can I devote to the program? Also, will I need to work while I am in summer school?
  • What kinds of classes do I need to take while I am in summer school?
  • How far can I commute to school? Also, will I need to attend a school that is accessible via public transportation?

Once you have answered all of these questions, you should have a rather clear idea of what you require of a summer school. While you may not find your ideal summer school program, having answered these questions, you should be able to choose the best program of those that are available to you.


If you cannot find any program that even comes close to meeting your needs, you may want to consider hiring a tutor, or taking online classes. If you can afford to hire a tutor, you are in luck. It is wonderful to be able to have one-on-one time with an educator who has dedicated his or her time to your studies. One draw back to working with a tutor is that you may not be able to receive any kind of credit for your work.

Online courses are becoming more and more popular. Many schools, colleges, and universities are now offering online classes and programs. Furthermore, online courses are often less expensive than those that require in-class time. While college courses are most common, there are some high school programs that can be completed online as well. Furthermore, you can choose to take an online course without gaining any kind of school credit if you are just looking to take a class for your own personal benefit and not in order to complete a degree or program.



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