What Is No-Noodle Lasagna?

No-noodle lasagna is lasagna that is not made with the traditional layers of pasta. In some cases, the pasta may simply be skipped, and all other layers left the same, but in most cases, the pasta is replaced with thinly sliced eggplant or squash, such as zucchini. This helps to give the dish more weight, as well as makes it more nutritious and flavorful. The rest of the ingredients are generally left the same, with tomato sauce and a ricotta cheese mixture used to complete the dish. There are numerous no-noodle lasagna recipes to be found online, and these recipes are simple to customize to taste.

One way to make no-noodle lasagna is to simply create a dish with layers of meat, cheese, diced tomatoes or other vegetables, and tomato sauce. This is more of a casserole than a true lasagna, but for people who aren't really a fan of vegetables, and are dedicated to following a low carb diet, this can be a good option. These recipes generally begin with a layer of cooked ground meat, followed by a layer of tomatoes and tomato sauce, followed by a layer of cheese. The dish is then baked. There is no need to feel limited to this type of dish, however; there are plenty of other delicious options for no-noodle lasagna.

Certain vegetables make excellent pasta substitutions in no-noodle lasagna. Slicing eggplant or zucchini into thin slices, and then using them in lieu of the pasta, is a popular idea that is enjoyed by many. There is no need to peel an eggplant or zucchini before using it for this purpose, and the vegetables will cook in the oven when the dish is assembled, making it even easier than having to boil pasta. The other layers can be created or modified as desired, and veggies such as spinach may also be added. Making one's own sauce using tomatoes and other ingredients such as olive oil, basil, and parsley can be especially delicious.

The cheese mixture for no-noodle lasagna is generally similar to any other type of lasagna, often including a mixture of ricotta, parmesan, and mozzarella cheeses. Some people add eggs and other spices. For cheese that is a bit lower in fat, cottage cheese can be substituted for ricotta. The dish is then layered and baked in the oven until it is heated through, and the vegetables are tender; the cheese on top should look brown and bubbly.


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