What Is Chicken Enchilada Lasagna?

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Chicken enchilada lasagna is an innovative form of the classic Italian lasagna dish that uses any of the ingredients for Mexican entrées, and the style and technique of the traditional Italian lasagna that is made from wide flat noodles, tomato sauce, and other ingredients. Chicken enchilada lasagna utilizes the concept of layering ingredients closely to provide a solid yet varied texture, and a pleasing combination of tastes. In this case, the tastes are those of a chicken enchilada, rather than the traditional Italian flavors associated with lasagna in general. This dish combines elements of both the Italian lasagna and the Mexican enchilada to create a new and interesting meal option.

In terms of the seasonings for chicken enchilada lasagna, this dish utilizes some of the ingredients that are common to both Mexican and Italian cooking. The bulb of the garlic plant is one of these, or minced garlic might be a prominent flavor element in this and other versions of lasagna. Other flavors for this dish include salt and pepper, as well as hot peppers or other traditional Mexican cooking ingredients.

One of the most prominent aspects of chicken enchilada lasagna is the use of tortillas. As a sort of a modern “fusion dish,” it replaces the traditional egg pasta noodles of classic lasagna with thin corn flour cakes called tortillas. The tortilla is a common part of Mexican cooking: here, the tortilla is layered inside the lasagna dish, rather than being rolled around the chicken meat as it is in a classic Mexican chicken enchilada.

Another big change from traditional lasagna is the cheeses that are used in the chicken enchilada version of this dish. Where traditional Italian lasagna uses ricotta cheese, as well as mozzarella or Parmesan, the chicken enchilada version typically uses queso fresco or Monterey Jack, two cheeses that go along with authentic Mexican dishes.

In addition to chicken meat and the above ingredients, including cheeses and tortillas, chicken enchilada lasagna might also use refried beans or whole pinto or kidney beans, as well as salsa, cilantro, sour cream, or other common Mexican cooking ingredients. All of this is usually baked at around 350° for about an hour or more. This is usually enough to cook the elements of the dish, although makers should always follow applicable food safety standards for their climate, oven style, and other factors; pre-cooking the chicken might be one way of doing this. The result can be part of modern innovation in using worldwide cooking traditions in new ways.


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