What is Monitored Home Security?

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Monitored home security is the use of security devices that are monitored by a home security company. The security devices installed in the home alert the company when an alarm or sensor has sounded. The company that is monitoring the home will get in touch with the homeowner or call for emergency services when a home alarm has been triggered.

There is equipment that has to be installed to use a monitored home security system. The main home alarm system controls all the other security devices in the house. Many homes are secured with door and window sensors and motion detectors. Each of these devices has to be installed, and when they are triggered, the main alarm system sends a signal to the home security company.

The home security company usually brings all the equipment with them when installing the alarm system in the home. The company often brings a home security sign to place in the front yard. The security sign shows others that the home is being protected by a monitored home security system and advertises for the security company.


Once all the security equipment has been installed, the security company will begin to monitor the home. Many of these companies set up an alarm system with a speaker so that if an alarm is set off, they can listen in to the house. This allows the company to monitor who is in the home or detect odd sounds coming from the home.

In the case of an alarm going off, the company will also contact the homeowner immediately. When the monitored home security company contacts the homeowner, they will usually ask for a preset password. If the password is not given correctly, the company will then contact the police or appropriate emergency services.

It can be very beneficial to have monitored home security. It gives many people a secure feeling when they are home during the day and especially when they are sleeping at night. Homeowners who travel may feel secure leaving their home with their belongings knowing that a home security company is monitoring the house 24 hours a day.

Cost is a significant factor when deciding to use a monitored home security system. There are many security companies, and their prices can be competitive. There is usually some up-front cost for the home security equipment and installation. This cost relies on the amount of security products that are ordered. Since the home will be constantly monitored, there is also a monthly fee that is paid to the security company.



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