What is a Home Security Intercom?

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A home security intercom is a two-way device that includes a transmitter and a receiver. This equipment typically works by a wireless connection. It is used as a means of communication, allowing the individual inside the home to verbally interact with another outside of the home. In doing so, this can help to identify the visitor before unlocking the door and interacting face to face or before permitting the visitor access to the inside the home.

Home security devices have gained popularity due to increasing concern for personal safety in the home. Home invasion can happen when a person inadvertently opens the door without knowing the person or mistakes the visitor's identity. A home security intercom employs two speakers, one for the outside and one for inside the home. Voices are transmitted over a frequency range that can vary according to specifications.

In some home security intercom systems, there might be additional units available that can be placed in extra rooms. This allows more freedom and flexibility for multiple-member households or large homes. The remote sensors can typically be expanded for up to seven or eight rooms, according to price range and availability. Each unit will need its own power source to operate.


Many of the more elaborate models of home security devices offer the feature of being able to unlock a door by wireless remote. This is very convenient for those who do not have easy access from another room. This feature typically works by a simple press of a button. In a wireless system, a home security intercom will generally receive power from a set of regular household batteries. Many of the systems will also feature a low battery indicator.

As a practical use for the home security intercom, some models also allow the person inside the home to continuously monitor activity outside within a designated range. The range will vary depending upon the individual model. Advanced technology allows the sensitivity of the monitor to distinguish between a human, animal or vehicle. This is a feature that adds versatility for many consumers, especially those who are sight-impaired.

It's common to find that many home security intercom systems feature an alarm that will sound if noise outside the range is detected. Without the necessity of actually engaging in communication, the home owner can hear the slightest noise, such as footsteps. Some of these units incorporate a burglar alarm as well, and these typically require more precise installation and other steps to activate. A home security company generally does in-home installation.



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