What is Medical Meditation?

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Medical meditation is a form of alternative medicine which allows patients to calm the mind and body. This has been proven helpful in relieving stress and allowing the body to heal more quickly from physical ailments. In some cases meditation may also help to alleviate pain by allowing the patient to focus inward. Meditation can be learned and practiced at home, or it can be instructed by a licensed practitioner.

The primary goal of medical meditation is to bring patients into a state of supreme relaxation. This allows them to focus on things other than pain, and alleviates stress that may be caused by an illness or that may be exacerbating a particular condition. Some studies have shown that stress can cause many medical symptoms such as heart palpitations, headaches, backaches, and insomnia. Medical meditation aims to relieve these symptoms, as well as others related to existing conditions, by calming the patient.

In most cases medical meditation combines deep breathing exercises with various body positions and visual imagery to promote relaxation. The types of exercises used may depend on how experienced the patient is in meditation, because the mind is thought to become stronger as the practice is learned. Mental focus and concentration is needed to block out the rest of the world and devote all of one’s energy into relaxation and imagery. This is a skill that is generally learned over time.


Some medical meditation practices can be performed at home using written instructions or audio tapes. This is a good way to get started. Other patients may choose to visit a practitioner who is trained to help them walk through various exercises. Either method is beneficial for many patients, although having a live human being around may be helpful in obtaining information about stress relief when there isn’t time to meditate. Meditation instructors may also be trained in other relaxation methods.

Patients who have a chronic or serious medical condition may be advised to use medical meditation in combination with other treatments. For example, someone who suffers from cancer will likely receive standard cancer treatments and meditation exercises to help with stress involved with fighting the disease. Many studies have shown that a combining stress relieving practices with traditional medicine can help the patient health faster and live longer. This could be due, in part, to the ill effects stress has on the immune system.



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