What is a Meditation CD?

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A meditation CD is a compact disc that features relaxing sounds and guided techniques for meditating. Meditation is defined as deep contemplation that goes beyond thinking to help individuals reach a relaxed state. There are many methods of meditating; a meditation CD provides what is called guided meditation. Guided meditation involves an instructor with a soothing voice asking the listener questions or giving instructions for activities — all to raise the listener's self awareness in a calming way. People often buy and listen to a meditation CD to help ease stress, be more in touch with their inner self and feel more relaxed.

Some people say that after listening to and meditating along with a meditation CD, they feel more clear-minded and better able to make decisions. Others find that listening to these types of relaxing compact discs and meditating after a chaotic workday can help them better make the transition from work to home life. Meditating along with a meditation CD is also popular in the morning for those who like to start their day in a calm, relaxed way.


There are many types of meditation CDs just as there are a variety of methods of meditating. For instance, a Buddhist meditation CD may include chanting sounds called Jizo as well as instructions for doing the chants. In Japan, this calming chanting is usually done at funerals. Healing meditation CDs often feature guided breathing techniques as well as the instructor asking the listener questions such as "Can you feel the stress leaving your body?"

Many meditation CDs have the instructor guide listeners through steps such as "Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a peaceful, beautiful beach. Feel the pleasant coolness of the ocean breeze. Breathe in and out slowly. Let the sights and sounds of the sparkling blue water soothe you as you feel your worries floating away from you..." Most meditation CDs include calming background music or sounds such as water flowing rhythmically or seagulls calling softly.

Meditation CDs may be purchased in music stores or online. Meditation CDs may be 10 minutes or an hour in length; the time varies widely. A meditation CD that includes music may be longer than one that doesn't, if entire songs are included. Prices for a meditation CD vary, but many are under $20 US Dollars (USD). Meditation CDs are considered by many people to be self healing relaxation tools.



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