What Is Involved in a Makeover for Men?

Image makeovers can either stick to physical appearance, or they can focus on changing other aspects of a man's life as well. A makeover for men typically includes hairstyling, new clothes, and grooming tips. A more holistic approach to a makeover for men can also improve the man's home and interpersonal skills or even involve cosmetic surgery.

A makeover for men can be one of the services that a commercial image consultant offers. A man may be able to choose a program that suits his needs. A physical makeover, for example, encompasses the basics of styling. This form of makeover can be short and take less than a day. More complex makeovers, which aim to deal with confidence or etiquette as well as style, can take several months.

Integral to all makeovers is that the image consultant tweaks the man's physical appearance to make him more attractive and appealing to other people. The client must, therefore, allow the consultant to critique his clothing and to suggest alternatives. Generally, the consultant chooses clothes to suit the man, which fit into his lifestyle and his basic personality. Formal wear, smart clothing, and even casual clothing are typically analyzed and improved so the man can look his best at all times. The consultant may also give the man tips on where to shop and teach him about fabrics and cuts so he can shop for himself.

Hair is another important facet of a makeover for men. Old-fashioned hair, or hair that is thinning, can be detrimental to appearance. A younger, more flattering haircut may in order for a makeover client. He also typically then learns how to style his hair himself.

Fitness is another part of a makeover as an unfit body does not flatter a man compared to a fit one. Some image consultants will provide the client with a fitness regime to follow. Diet and unhealthy living tendencies may also be analyzed by the consultant, and he or she may point out the detrimental effects of these lifestyle choices.

Grooming can often make the difference between a well-presented man and a scruffy one. Along with the clothing makeover, the client may also be taught about shaving by an expert barber and receive information about suitable grooming regimes for his specific type of skin. Depending on the image consultant, the man may also be able to look into cosmetic surgery options or nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, such as wrinkle reduction. Proper grooming of nails is often included, and men with body hair problems, including bushy eyebrows, may have to undergo waxing or other hair removal procedures.

As well as the physical appearance of the man, mental attitudes can also be under the microscope during makeovers. Confidence and interpersonal skills may be boosted, and the consultant may look at personal issues that affect a man's self-image to help him to resolve them. Sometimes, as part of a long makeover process, a consultant may require the man to complete assignments and achieve personal goals.


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