What Are the Best Tips for Waxing Men's Eyebrows?

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Waxing men's eyebrows can be intimidating for those who are having them waxed, especially for men who are not used to grooming or engaging in cosmetic procedures. It can, however, be a simple process if a few simple guidelines are followed, such as purchasing a high-quality wax or waxing kit and following the manufacturer's suggestions for use. Most men will find that the only area of their eyebrows that really needs waxing is between the brows, and they should be careful not to become overzealous in areas that really only need a little tweezing. Imagining a desired shape before waxing men's eyebrows is another great tip, and will be beneficial in creating a brow that flatters the face. Additionally, taking care to prepare the skin before waxing men's eyebrows and soothe it afterward will help make the experience easier and less painful.


Generally, a waxing kit is a good idea for men who are grooming their brows themselves instead of going to a professional. Microwavable wax pots can be difficult to use and might not be the best choice for a process as nuanced as waxing men's eyebrows, because it is such a small yet highly visible area. Instead, the best choice for waxing men's eyebrows is a kit of wax strips. These strips come preloaded with wax, which is warmed and softened by the heat of the user's hands. Using wax strips eliminates the mess and imprecision of applying hot wax directly to the skin and then attaching the cloth strip separately to remove the hair.

Regardless of what kind of waxing product is selected, it is essential to follow all of the instructions. This is especially true if an individual opts for the traditional pot of melted wax, because overheating the product can cause severe burns. Anyone who does not feel comfortable with at-home waxing should seek professional assistance, at least for the first time.

Figuring out where to wax is the next step in the process of waxing men's eyebrows. Many men prefer their brows to look neat and groomed but natural. The most important place for men to wax is between their eyebrows, over the bridge of the nose. Excess hair in this area creates an unkempt effect sometimes called a "unibrow," and it should be removed.

Men who have particularly hairy brows might need to wax underneath or above their eyebrows as well. Most men, however, can simply tweeze away stray hairs to neaten up this area. Waxing kits often come equipped with a brow pencil that can be used to draw on the desired brow shape before waxing, to act as a guideline.

Before waxing, men should take a few simple steps to prepare the eyebrow area. Cleansing the entire face with warm water will remove dirt and oil that can prevent the wax from adhering properly to the hairs, and it opens up the follicles to make hairs easier to remove. After waxing, the skin will be sensitive and should be treated with care. To keep the area safe from infection or inflammation, witch hazel can be applied as an antiseptic, and men should refrain from touching the freshly waxed skin.



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