What Is Included on a Community Development Proposal?

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A community development proposal details community projects in areas needing revitalization, such as housing for low income citizens. The proposal should include an overview and the details of the project in question. In addition, a community development proposal should include budget specifics, since many development programs are funded by grants from either philanthropic organizations or local governments. Finally, the proposal should be sure to include the benefits that the project will provide for the members of the community that it will serve.

One way that a specific area that has fallen on hard times can be built back up once again is through community development projects. Such projects are often reliant on monetary gifts from others before they can be undertaken. For that reason, a person or a group that are planning to begin a community development project must prepare a proposal to be presented to those who would fund the operation. Since that is the case, planners should know what needs to be included in an effective community development proposal.

The community development proposal should include just what the project will entail. This should come in the form of a simple summary followed by a more detailed description of the project at length. There should be no vagueness in this part of the proposal, since any lack of information might be perceived by potential donors as a sign that the project isn't well-planned.


Since it is necessary, in most cases, for those planning a community project to seek money from donors, a meticulous budget plan should also be included in a community development proposal. For this part of the proposal, it is paramount to show exactly where every part of the proposed budget emanates. In this way, community planners can show those funding the project why the money is needed in every instance, leaving no doubt in donors' minds.

Finally, the other crucial aspect of any community development proposal is the benefits that the project will provide for the community. This does not only have to be limited to financial benefits, but it also can include the positive cultural and sociological aspects that a revitalization project would bring to the community. Using charts and graphs as well as testimonials from experts, this part of the proposal should be rendered as effectively as possible, since it must ultimately motivate those deciding whether or not to spend money on the project.



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