What is Distant Healing?

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Also known as distance healing or remote energy healing, distant healing is an alternative health practice that involves the directing of healing energy toward an individual, even though the person who is directing the energy is not in close proximity. The idea behind this type of distant energy healing is that as long as the healer can focus on the individual who needs healing, the flow of energy from the universe can surround the patient, and bring about relief from a wide range of physical, spiritual, and mental woes. This form of healing is sometimes considered an extension of Reiki healing, which also is based on healers functioning as a conduit for healing energy from the universe to the patient.

Distant healing is one of a number of different energy field therapies. Some of these therapies rely on the use of various types of channeling devices, such as stones, in order to connect the patient with healing energy. Others require that the practitioner be in the same room with the patient, with some methods requiring some type of physical contact. With distant healing, there are no channeling devices and no need for a physical connection to occur. All that is required is that the practitioner be able to tap into the energy field around the individual, and send healing energy into that field.


Practitioners of distant healing do sometimes make use of items, such as a photograph or some object that belongs to the patient. This is not usually considered to be critical to the actual process of healing, but functions as a means of helping the practitioner focus on the patient in a more personal and connected manner. Some distant healers do not feel the need for anything other than the name of the patient and a general idea of where the patient is located physically; since the energy that is used in the healing is found everywhere, there is no need for any more information.

The efficacy of distant healing is widely debated. Those who believe they have experienced a remote healing attest to the effectiveness of the treatments, claiming that the remotely directed flow of healing energy was effective in dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, and general stress reduction. Some also claim physical healing from aches and pains. Detractors consider these apparent healings to take place more because the patient believes in the process than from any actual directing of energy from one individual to another.



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