What is Breast Augmentation Financing?

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Breast augmentation surgery and a number of other elective plastic surgery procedures are usually not covered by insurance. About the only time that breast augmentation or implant surgery is covered by health insurance is when a person has had damage to the breast or has undergone a breast removal. This means most people will need to pay out of pocket, and the prices can be high. Not everyone has the money to pay all costs immediately, but there are some breast augmentation financing options.

There are a couple of types of breast augmentation financing. Some doctors may work directly with patients and create a payment structure and payment plan. It’s certainly not the case that all plastic surgeons will offer this option, and patients may be expected to pay not only for their surgery but also extra in interest payments. Usually doctors request a sizable down payment prior to surgery since it can be hard to collect medical debt and may add to the overall operating expenses of a doctor’s office to do so.

Other doctors do not offer breast augmentation financing and expect all fees to be paid upfront. However, this doesn’t mean people who don’t have the money can’t obtain implants or surgery. Instead, they can look to a number of private funding sources offered by various banks. Depending upon country, there can be numerous different lenders who give medical loans for optional procedures.


Some people with high credit card limits are able to finance breast augmentation on their credit cards, but they may pay higher interest, and they may not want to tie up usable credit. If their credit score is high, usually over 680-700, breast augmentation financing may be easy to obtain and interest rate and terms can be fairly generous. People with lower credit scores may have greater difficulty finding financing, though there are some companies that offer to help them clean up credit scores. This may not be a good investment if there are several bad marks on credit like bankruptcies or records of accounts in default.

As with any credit arrangement, people considering breast augmentation financing should read all the fine print on credit offers before agreeing to accept one. Some start off with a year or two of interest free payments and then charge very high interest rates. Others have more reasonable terms and no additional charges for providing credit or originating a medical loan.

When looking for financing, it may be best to start with the plastic surgeon that will perform the breast augmentation. He or she may have several options available to clients. Other people search for financing on the Internet, which is fine provided due caution is exercised. Be certain to research the reputation of companies offering financing prior to giving them personal information like social security numbers.

When financing is unavailable because of poor credit rating or lack of credit history, consider some other options to help pay for breast augmentation. If need for this surgery is not immediate, start a savings account, and plan to save about $10,000 - $15,000 US Dollars (USD). Other people find help by obtaining personal loans from friends or family.



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