What are Different Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Medical science has provided many new advancements in body altering methods, including plastic surgery. There are multiple types of plastic surgery procedures that can be performed for cosmetic or corrective reasons. Plastic surgery can range from minor enhancements to major body overhauls, depending in the needs of the person requesting this life-changing surgery.

Contrary to common belief, the most common reason for plastic surgery procedures is actually for corrective measures following other forms of surgery or to fix deformations in the human body. Plastic surgery can correct the features of children born with deformed features or adult bodies damaged due to surgery to remove cancerous tumors, or to correct scars left by previous injuries. Medically necessary plastic surgery procedures in the medical field are highly regarded as changing peoples’ lives for the better.

Plastic surgery procedures are gaining in popularity for cosmetic appearance or age enhancing value. Plastic surgery can be used to remove or improve unsightly areas of the body and face or to extend the aging process to retain a more youthful look. Plastic surgery used in this manner can be as minor as a small injection of chemicals into the face to more invasive surgical procedures like rhinoplasty (nose), breast augmentation, liposuction (fat removal), implants or eye and face lifts.

The most common plastic surgery procedures for women include those that change the features of the body, correct scars from surgery, or help you to regain a youthful look. Women generally have procedures like facial injections to remove wrinkles, plastic surgery to correct their nose, eye and chin areas, breast augmentation, and abdominal or buttocks fat removal. In cases when a woman has experienced the loss of a breast due to a mastectomy, having cosmetic surgery can help restore a sense of femininity.

Men are getting plastic surgery procedures on a more frequent basis in order to correct areas of the body that are problematic. Men most commonly get plastic surgery to improve the physique, such as liposuction to remove excess body fat in the abdomen to give a more toned look. More men are concerned with the aging process and are getting facial plastic surgery as well as implants in various areas of the body and scalp to retain a youthful appearance.

Plastic surgery procedures have a high rate of success when handled by a skilled plastic surgery provider. The combination of individuals with body image distortions along with society being more accepting of cosmetic surgery can become an obsessive behavior that may get out of control if not carefully managed by a medical provider. Plastic surgery is a very serious matter that should be thought about carefully before obtaining.


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@rosequartz - I understand your point, and yes, we are far too obsessed with our own looks. At the same time, we're facing worldwide problems that have no quick answer, that need more research along with dedicated people to create new ways of doing things that don't continue to harm the planet.

To worry about our outer appearance seems more than shallow, it seems ridiculous.

And yet...I had my nose broken by accident. Not a typical break, it was a smashing and total ruination. I'm thankful to have had emergency surgery to repair and replace my nose. In this case, I cared very much to have a nose that worked and hey, it might as well look good

at the same time. I'm thankful for the plastic surgery center with great doctors, a wonderful nursing staff, and the ability to go to them for a quick solution.

Is our society too shallow? Yep. Will it get any better? I doubt it. As people live longer, they'll want to look good all the way home. Unless mirrors become obsolete.

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It isn't that society has become more accepting of plastic surgery (although of course, it has), I believe that it's more about people becoming overly concerned about their imperfections due to Hollywood's version of the perfect body and face.

I mean, take a look at recent plastic surgery before and after television shows...these people look pretty darn happy afterwards!

What have we done to ourselves now that we know we can make ourselves younger, prettier, thinner, curvier? Doesn't this put extraordinary pressure on young kids and teens to be perfect?

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