What Is Attraction Marketing?

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Attraction marketing is a marketing strategy which requires entrepreneurs or companies to market themselves to their desired customer bases. This technique differs from the aggressive sales pitches that are often associated with traditional marketing and can be alienating to customers. By contrast, in attraction marketing a marketer attempts to put across his or her own identity to consumers and illustrate how he or his company is best-equipped to handle the business of those consumers. This is a much less invasive form of marketing and has been made much simpler and more cost-efficient by technological advances like the internet and social media.

It can be a daunting process for smaller companies and individual entrepreneurs to stand out among some of the giants of industry. Choosing the right type of marketing strategy is crucial in the attempt for marketers to get some kind of leverage with consumers. Big advertising campaigns and aggressive sales techniques may not be the right ways to go for small businesses. By contrast, attraction marketing lets marketers define who they are and allows consumers to come to them.


To put it simply, attraction marketing is based on the efforts of marketers to attract consumers. This requires them identifying exactly who they are, what they stand for, and how they can help consumers with their needs. By achieving all of these goals, a marketer can create some goodwill with consumers who are tired of being badgered by aggressive techniques. It can also put them in the minds of consumers, which is crucial when those consumers are making decisions about purchases.

Websites are effective ways for smaller entrepreneurs to practice attraction marketing. A website might contain a biography page of the business-owner of entrepreneur, which creates a personal connection between consumer and business. Such websites can also be set up to be entertaining and informative to consumers. Of course, marketers can also use these personal sites to show consumers what the companies can do for them and what sets them apart from the rest of the marketplace.

Whereas attraction marketing in the past might have been an expensive undertaking, it has become extremely cost-efficient thanks to new technology. In addition to websites, social media is an excellent way to get through to consumers. These social sites create new opportunities for marketers to define themselves to consumers and create networking connections. By taking all of these measures, marketers can get across their messages, which is absolutely imperative in the cluttered world of modern business.



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Post 5

@miriam98 - Yeah, the MLM business doesn’t have the stigma that it used to, thanks to changes in technology and different approaches to generating business.

I was in it for some time, and I was able to use MLM lead generation companies to get some decent lists of prospects. Not everyone on the list will want to hook up with you, but it only takes a small number for you to build your downline.

Your downline can do the same thing, too - use lead generation or put up a website or whatever. In my opinion it’s easier to achieve MLM success today than it was years ago.

Post 4

I know that network marketing companies are using websites to recruit people into their downline. This is a much more preferred way of practicing network marketing, in my opinion, assuming you’re into that sort of business.

In the old days, network marketers would try to sell to friends and relatives, and it led to some awkward situations – straining some important relationships.

I think the best way is to do your business entirely online. The people who come to you are 100% interested, they understand the nature of your product and your business, and they’ll jump on board with total commitment.

Moreover, your friends and relatives will thank you.

Post 3

@KaBoom - We operate in a similar way. Our company is a small business which caters to utilities, so we use an attraction marketing system to get face time with the important players in the industry.

We set up booths at the annual IEEE convention, a very important convention for engineers working in industries of every stripe.

We also do workshops and presentations where we demo the software that we sell. These workshops are free for the attendees, and we usually send out invitations months in advance, and of course, post the announcements on our website. We can usually generate some good leads that way.

In addition to everything else, we also use traditional cold calling techniques. These are not worthwhile in and of themselves, but when integrated with our total plan – and word of mouth – we can get some sales that way too.

Post 2

@KaBoom - It sounds like your boss is on the right track with the attraction marketing. However I'd like to suggest you guys mix in some traditional marketing too. I think it's a good idea for any business to diversify their marketing strategies.

Yes, waiting for people to come to you does sound nice. And it is noble your boss doesn't want to "bother" people. But most businesses that are in sales have a lot more success with making outbound calls instead of sitting around waiting for business to come in!

Post 1

I work for a small company and they are all about attraction marketing. The owner of the company doesn't believe in making outbound calls and "bothering" people. Instead, he wants to use targeted marketing to get people to come to us.

Like the article mentioned, we use the internet for some of this marketing. We have a website and a Facebook page.

We also get booths at events that attract people that might want our product. That way people can seek us out when they see our booth. It's much easier to sell to people that already kind of have a interest in the product versus someone you've just cold called!

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