What Are the Different Types of Email Marketing Tools?

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Email marketing tools are used by businesses to contact consumers or clients via electronic mail on a computer to deliver pertinent information. The types of marketing offered by companies usually depend on what they are trying to advertise. Special events and promotions might be best marketed by a short press release, coupons for customers, or quick announcements revealing some important piece of information. If the company is looking to communicate in a more general fashion, it may use email marketing tools like catalogs or newsletters.

In the past, it often took a great deal of effort and a large amount of money for a company to establish communications with its customer base. This would often require methods like paying for a television or radio advertisement or buying space in a newspaper or magazine. With the advent of the internet and computer technology, email has become a cost-effective way for businesses to make contact with their desired audiences. Different types of email marketing tools allow for businesses to deliver their intended message in the most effective manner possible.


Many instances call for brief, detailed messages to be delivered from companies to consumers. For example, announcing a limited-time sale might just require a short, one-page announcement to be sent to certain customers. If there is some new aspect of the business that needs to be publicized, this type of brief communication is also advisable. Press releases can call attention to newsworthy events surrounding a company, and email coupons also might be useful email marketing tools to drum up business.

There are certain occasions which might require more in-depth communication between a company and its customers or clients, and there are specific email marketing tools which can achieve this. A newsletter doesn't necessarily have a specific purpose in mind but gives marketers the chance to provide an extensive overview of what the company represents. If a more sales-oriented approach is desired, a company can send out an email catalog, which provides details about all of the products they have for sale.

No matter what email marketing tools are chosen, companies should take great care to make sure that these tools don't end up having the opposite of their desired effect. This negative outcome can occur if a company sends out unwanted messages to people, who might end up resenting the so-called "spam" in their email inbox. A company should take care to cultivate a customer base that is willing to receive emails before going ahead with an aggressive campaign.



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