What is Aromatherapy Lotion?

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Aromatherapy lotion is a skin product that is made of an emollient and essential oil. It is used to moisturize the skin, heal dry skin, and offer aromatherapeutic benefits. Aromatherapy is believed to help improve the mood and help to relive certain ailments. Aromatherapy lotion made with lavender oil, for example, can have a calming effect on the mood. Lavender is also used to help promote easy and deep sleep and is therefore often used in aromatherapy lotion that is intended for use before bed time.

Pulse point lotion is a kind of aromatherapy lotion that is meant to be used more for its aromatherapeutic benefits than for its benefits as an emollient. Pulse point lotion has a strong concentration of an essential oil or a blend of essential oils. It is applied to the places on the body where the pulse can be taken, specifically the wrists and the neck, much in the fashion that perfume is often applied. From these locations, the wearer can easily smell the essential oil or oil blend and receive the aromatherapeutic benefits.

There are a number of skin care companies that sell aromatherapy lotions. Each lotion is intended for specific aromatherapeutic benefits. The price for these lotions vary and can fluctuate quite a bit from product to product, depending on the type of essential oils that are used.


For those who enjoy making their own beauty products, it is possible to make aromatherapy lotion at home. There are a number of methods by which the aromatherapy lotion can be made. These methods are detailed in a number of books that are on the market specifically for people who like making their own beauty products. There are also a number of blogs and websites with this information and can be readily found by conducting a quick and simple Internet search.

Aromatherapy lotion can be substituted with a carrier oil that has been infused with an essential oil. A carrier oil is used to dilute essential oils, many of which are too strong to use alone for application on the skin. The most common carrier oils are sweet almond oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil. After diluting the essential oil in the carrier oil, the final product can be used like a bath oil or can be applied directly to the skin after showering, offering many of the same benefits as aromatherapy lotion.



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