What is Anti-Aging Cream?

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An anti-aging cream is a topic treatment designed to reduce signs of aging on the skin, such as lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration. The skin is made up of collagen. As we age, the skin loses some collagen, thins and loses some of its elasticity. This causes sagging and fine lines usually around the eyes, forehead and mouth.

The number of wrinkles and lines a person develops on their skin as they age depends on several factors. Genetics plays a part in how fast your skin loses its elasticity. Lifestyle factors may also cause wrinkles overtime. Smoking and too much sun exposure are two factors which tend to age the skin.

While not all wrinkles and lines can be erased by an anti-aging cream, applying a topical cream containing certain ingredients may help. Creams can improve the skin’s texture, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and make the skin appear smoother. Creams may also help moisturize the skin and may even contain a sunscreen to help prevent further skin damage.

Not all anti-aging creams are the same. Ingredients of products vary. One of the main ingredients in many anti-aging creams is retinol, which is a form of Vitamin A. Creams containing retinol are thought to increase production of collagen. This helps reduce lines and wrinkles and tightens the skin.


Other ingredients which are common in facial creams are, alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids. Both of these ingredients are believed to increase the exfoliation process in the skin. This helps stimulate new skin growth and can make the skin softer and smoother.

Some people may experience certain side effects when using an anti-aging cream, such as sensitivity to the sun and skin irritation. It’s important to follow directions to reduce side effects and get the maximum benefits from the cream. For example, some creams are intended for daily use, others are meant to be used a few times a week.

How effective an anti-aging cream is depends on several factors, such as the extent of damage to the skin. Other factors effecting results include consistency with use, the product used and concentration of active ingredients. Although results vary, deep wrinkles can’t usually be erased completely with a wrinkle cream alone.

There are several places an anti-aging cream can be purchased without a prescription. Some products are sold online, in department stores, drug stores and beauty supply stores. Products which contain a higher concentration of ingredients, such as retinol, may, however, require a prescription from a dermatologist.

The cost for anti-aging treatments can vary greatly. Creams may range anywhere from $10 US Dollars (USD) to hundreds of US dollars. The name brand and ingredients help determine costs.



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@feruze -- I don't think you need to use them now. Most people don't start until they are 30-35 years old. If you check out anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams, they often note that it is for older or aged skin. So you don't fit into that category. You can however, use moisturizing lotions that prepare the skin for anti-aging products in the future. Many of the top brands like clinique, estee lauder, etc. are good for that. I'm using them now. Also, I've heard that people with oily skin have wrinkles later than those with dry skin. So I guess the type of skin you have affects when you should start using anti-aging products.

I think that anti-aging products

do prevent wrinkles and sagging. Of course, there is always some genetics playing into it. Have you noticed Asians' skin? I can never predict Asian ladies' age because they look so young and their skin is really beautiful. It might be their diet and lifestyle, but genetics has to be one of the reasons. If you protect your skin from the sun, eat well, exercise and use quality face creams, I think you will be fine. I don't think you will need botox in the future.
Post 1

At what age should I start using anti-aging face creams? I'm 25 now. Should I start using them?

Also, I see ladies over 50 getting botox, face lifts and using other surgical methods for wrinkles. So what's the point of using anti aging creams if it cannot prevent wrinkles and sagging. Good anti-aging creams cost a lot of money. Wouldn't be better to save this money and invest in face operations?

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