How do I Choose the Best Anti-Aging Supplements?

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Anti-aging supplements come in numerous forms and contain a variety of ingredients. Whether at the drug store or natural foods store, people might have difficulty choosing from all the available supplements. Each person’s choice might be different, depending on factors like other medicines taken. There are some ways to help narrow choice, and choose the best anti-aging supplements. These include getting medical advice, checking quality of ingredients and looking for certain ingredients that could be of most benefit.

Supplements are, after all, medicine. Simply because they’re sold over the counter doesn’t always mean that everyone should take them. Certain medical conditions or the need to take certain medicines might mean avoiding some ingredients.

It’s therefore advised that people speak with their doctors first about how to choose the best anti-aging supplements for individual needs. The only problem with this advice is that not all doctors support use of supplementation. Even if they don’t support it, they should still be able to tell a patient what substances to avoid. When a doctor doesn’t give advice, try looking for advice from a trained herbalist or naturopath.

People looking at supplements in the store should read the labels carefully. In general, labels should have some statement about quality review of the manufacturing process. Another couple of words to look for are “pharmacy grade,” which means the materials are of a reliable quality.


There is considerable argument on how to choose the best anti-aging supplements based on ingredients. Not everyone agrees on which ingredients, substances, vitamins or herbs will most benefit people. If looking for only a vitamin, those vitamins thought to be of the most use are vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, and yet, folks should not take vitamin K if they are taking blood thinners like warfarin (Coumadin®). Some people might be happy simply choosing a good multivitamin.

There are other ingredients that may have anti-aging properties and might be sold separately from vitamins. People praise resveratrol, green tea, collagen, L-carnitine, lysine, and alpha lipoic acid. It’s not all that likely that people can choose the best anti-aging supplements, which will contain all of these ingredients.

With a doctor’s advice, people may already have an ingredient or two in mind. For instance, resveratrol is currently considered a favorite, but that can change with time. It might be a good idea to approach the matter as looking for those substances that aren’t easily obtainable in a regular diet. People can also do some online research and see what experts are saying about each of these substances, deciding which one is best.

Ultimately, even when people choose the best anti-aging supplements, they must view this as supplemental to healthy living and good diet choices. All the supplements in the world will not reverse the effects smoking has on skin aging. First and foremost, people should look at ways to improve diet and other habits, and then find a good supplement or two that supports a healthy lifestyle.



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