What is an Online Professor?

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An online professor is a university professor who teaches distance learning classes entirely online. An online professor may also teach classes in a traditional setting, but generally, once one has become successful as an online professor, he or she will often work entirely from their home office. Taking classes online, or even completing a degree online, is rapidly becoming very common, and in addition to providing great flexibility and benefits for the students. It also provides numerous advantages for the professor.

An online professor can teach virtually any topic online, but the subjects most commonly taught are those that do not require much, if any, hands-on lab work. To interact with the students, most online professors set up forums for discussion and the posting of grades and assignments, along with one-on-one interaction through e-mail, chat rooms, or video conferencing. This allows both student and professor to log on at his or her convenience to complete the work, and interact with the other people in the class. Most online classes also require the completion of tests and papers.


Many online professors are able to simultaneously teach at various universities around the country. This offers opportunities for networking and connections that never would have been possible before distance learning. Most online professors are required to have a Master's Degree, at the very least, though some certainly have Doctoral Degrees as well, depending on the specific university's requirements. Typically, however, there should be no difference in the quality of education you receive, whether it is in a traditional setting or online. The only difference is the manner in which the information is shared.

Whether you are considering becoming an online professor, or a student at an online university, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. As you will likely be working entirely on your own, it is important to be able to manage your time well, and to devote a specific amount of time every day to school work. It is important to be able to self-motivate, and to realistically assess you style of teaching and, or, learning to determine if you will be a good fit.

Many people enjoy the flexible schedule that working from home allows; for example, rather than taking time off for vacation and losing income, you can simply work ahead and complete your work in advance. Working as an online professor also allows you the opportunity to interact with people all over the world. Income rates are typically somewhat lower than those teaching in a professional setting, but again, it depends on the university for which you are employed, and should be researched ahead of time.



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