How do I get a Master's Degree in Teaching?

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Earning a master's degree in teaching, often referred to as a master's degree in education, can be good preparation for a career in the education field. A master's degree may prepare you to teach a specific subject rather than focusing on general education or make you a more likely candidate for advancement opportunities. In fact, earning a master's degree in teaching may even make you a more likely candidate for a supervisory position. To earn a master's degree in teaching, you'll likely need to earn a high school diploma and bachelor's degree as initial preparation. Once you are enrolled in a master's degree program, you may need two to three years to complete it.

The first step toward earning a master's degree in teaching is usually high school. Focusing on a well-rounded selection of academic subjects may help you prepare for higher education. Likewise, taking classes that help you develop written and verbal communication skills may help you prepare not only for college, but also for a career in education. If you do not graduate from high school, however, you may gain admission to college after earning a general educational development (GED) diploma instead.


Once in college, you'll typically need to earn a bachelor's degree in preparation for master's level study. Usually, just about any bachelor's degree is acceptable for admission to a master's degree program, but you may do well to choose an education-related major or major in a subject you want to teach. In most cases, you'll need about four years to earn a bachelor's degree.

The requirements you'll have to meet to gain admission to a master's degree in teaching program may depend on the school to which you apply. In most cases, however, you'll need a reasonably high grade point average, official transcripts from every higher-education institution you've attended, recommendation letters, and scores from standardized testing. You may also have to participate in interviewing and write a personal statement that details not only your goals for education, but also your professional goals.

Many master's degree in teaching programs require students to spend about two years earning this credential. There are some programs, however, that allow students to pursue bachelor's and master's degrees at the same time; they are often completed in about five years. In most cases, you'll need at least 30 credits to earn a master's degree in teaching, though some master's programs require many more.



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