How do I Choose the Best Teaching Programs?

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Before choosing the best teaching programs, you will need to decide what approach to certification you will take. The more traditional approach to teaching programs involves enrolling in a full-time college or university program that will help you obtain a bachelor's degree in education, then completing the necessary exams; this path will prepare you to take all the required exams and certification processes to become a teacher. The other option for teaching programs involves earning a college degree in an area other than education, and then fulfilling the specific requirements for certification on your own. This is the best course of action for someone who decides to go into teaching after he or she has completed a degree already.


Once you have determined which approach you will take, it is time to consider teaching programs applicable to your situation. If you are graduating from high school or have already graduated, you may choose to attend a college that offers a program that prepares you for certification. You will need to take the examinations after completing the degree. Decide beforehand what kind of teaching you want to get into, as the program you ultimately choose will depend on your career plans. Some people, for example, want to teach at the high school level, which means they will need to obtain a secondary education degree. Others may choose to teach elementary school, which means they will need an elementary education program. These teaching programs differ, sometimes significantly, so you will need to make the decision before enrolling.

If you have decided to obtain teaching certification after already completing an unrelated college degree, you will need to first research the requirements established by the local department of education for certification before enrolling in any teaching programs. You may be able to simply enroll in certain classes rather than in an entire teaching program, especially if you completed some coursework while working on a different degree. You will most likely need to register for all appropriate exams as well, which you can do on your own without going through a specific educational institution.

Remember that requirements for teaching certification will vary by region, so be sure any teaching programs you are considering cater to the specific requirements of the region in which you live and/or plan to teach. The exams necessary for a candidate to take may differ, as may the coursework, so be sure to check with the department of education before enrolling in any programs. When in doubt, ask an academic advisor for advice on what courses to enroll in.



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