What is an Online Drug Test?

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An online drug test does not exist per se. Websites that offer drug testing include information on how long it takes for drugs to work themselves out of a person's system and may offer kits for self-testing for sale. Other Websites offer drug test kits for home use. Some websites also offer online drug testing in the form of a series of questions that are used to help a person to decide whether he has a problem with a drug such as alcohol or tobacco.

Drug testing is commonly used as a screening method for prospective employees who are applying for jobs. Most employers do not want to hire an individual who has a drug problem. Drug testing is sometimes ordered for those who are on parole for drug-related crimes or as a condition for living in a residency that is helping drug and alcohol addicts lead a sober life prior to living alone. Parents sometimes use drug testing if they suspect a child is using illegal drugs.

Online drug test Websites often offer information regarding the length of time that a given drug an be detected in testing. In addition, some online drug test Websites include information on substances that can create false positives in drug testing, such as poppy seeds for opioids and ibuprofen for marijuana. In addition to information about specific drugs, online drug test Websites may include information about the ways that people are tested for drug use.


The four basic types of drug testing are through urine, blood, hair follicle, and saliva. Employers typically request urine testing, which is the least expensive form of drug testing. Hair follicle tests can provide information about the length and patterns of drug abuse as well as the types of drugs that are used. Blood tests are the most expensive and the most accurate form of testing for drugs. Another method for drug testing is sweat patch testing. Sweat testing is controversial and not used as frequently as other forms of testing.

Websites that offer online testing as a way for a person to determine whether the individual needs help with drug use start out with a series of questions relating the drugs that the persons takes that have not been prescribed by a physician. The online drug test will then ask questions regarding frequency of use and whether drug usage has impaired the person's quality of life. These Websites may also include referrals to local drug or alcohol abuse experts and local support groups.



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