What are Drug Test Kits?

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Millions of people around the world use illicit drugs. If asked, many of them would not be honest about their consumption. For this reason, tests are commonly administered to determine whether or not a person has used substances such as cocaine or marijuana. Drug test kits are the tools used for this task.

There are several types of drug test kits. One of the biggest differences between them is they are designed to detect different substances. There are testing kits that can be used to detect a certain drug and there are testing kits that can identify multiple drugs. A five panel drug test, for example, is generally used to detect amphetamines, opiates, cocaine, cannabinoids, and phencyclidine (PCP). A 10 panel drug testing kit, which is more thorough, has the ability to detect the aforementioned substances and others, such as barbiturates, methamphetamines, and methadone.

Another difference in drug test kits is the method that is used. Saliva, urine, and hair are examples of bodily materials that can be used for testing. Urine tends to be the most common, however, and it is often the cheapest material to examine.


Drug test kits have a number of limitations. One of them is that although these tools can detect the presence of drugs, they cannot generally determine how long ago the drugs were taken. Also, two people can take the same drugs on the same day and they can also take the same type of drug test. The results may be positive for one and negative for the other.

The reason for this is that numerous metabolic factors determine how fast a person’s body eliminates the traces of the illicit substances she has used. A drug test does not generally determine whether or not a person has ever taken drugs. The test only determines if the substances are present in the body at the time of the test.

The popularity of drug test kits significantly increased their availability. At one time it was rare to find a person who had a drug test performed outside of a medical facility or laboratory. Now, many businesses purchase equipment and administer pre-employment drug screening on site. Testing kits are also widely available on the Internet and in retail stores such as pharmacies and superstores. People sometimes purchase them to see what the results are likely to be for official tests, and parents often use them to determine whether or not their children are using drugs.



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