What Is an Emergency Passport?

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An emergency passport is issued to a traveler who needs a passport quickly. These types of passports are usually only valid, however, for a short time. They are often issued when a traveler has either lost his passport or had it stolen. A copy of a lost or stolen passport will often make obtaining a replacement or emergency passport easier.

Obtaining a passport can sometimes take a couple of months. An emergency passport, on the other hand, can be obtained much quicker. Sometimes, this process will only take a couple of weeks, but other times, a person can have a passport within hours.

In the United States, a regular passport is sometimes called a full-validity passport, and it is typically valid for ten years. An emergency passport, on the other hand, is referred to as a limited-validity passport. This means that it is only valid for a short amount of time.

Usually, this type of passport is only valid for the amount of time a person will be traveling. A few extra days may be added on to this time, in case of any delays. The period of time that the passport is valid can not usually be extended. An emergency passport issued by the United States, however, can not be valid for more than one year.


An emergency passport may be issued under a couple of circumstances. An individual who has never had a passport before can obtain one quickly if he needs to travel within a week or two. Emergency replacement passports may also be issued, if an individual's passport has been lost, stolen, or misplaced.

United States citizens who are traveling abroad may also find themselves in a situation where they need to obtain an emergency passport. This may be necessary for a few reasons. Sometimes, documents get lost, for instance. Passports can also be stolen, in which case the theft should be reported to the local law enforcement officials.

Passport holders are often encouraged to make copies of their passports. When traveling, these copies should be safely hidden. They should not be kept with the original document. Instead, they should be stored in travel bags or hotel safes. Some individuals may also make digital copies and store them on the Internet.

Individuals who lose their passport while traveling in a foreign country should contact their country's embassy as soon as possible. If the passport is believed to have been stolen, the theft should also be reported to the local authorities. The police report, along with a copy of the original passport, will make obtaining an emergency passport much easier. Identification and proof of citizenship may also be required.



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