What Is a Same Day Passport?

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A same day passport is a passport that is issued within 24 hours after a person submits an application. Same day passports are convenient but expensive, and they are best for people who have a sudden and immediate need to travel to another country. A same day passport also might be obtainable through an embassy for someone who needs a passport and already is traveling abroad. This United States is among the countries that offer a same day passport.

Standard passport applications typically take several weeks to process, and even expedited passport applications can take more than a week. These turnaround times are too long for individuals who have immediate international travel need, however. Someone who has a sudden need to travel to another country can go to a passport agency in his or her country and apply for a same day passport or inquire about its availability.

In some cases, expediting services might be available for hire to assist people who need same day passports. Expediting services can obtain same day passports by hiring a representative to travel directly to a passport agency and drop off the applicant’s information. These services are beneficial for individuals who aren’t located near an agency and don’t have the time to travel to one.


Along with an unexpected need to travel, such as in the case of a family emergency, another reason that someone might need a same day passport is if he or she has lost his or her passport while traveling overseas. For these types of emergencies, a same day passport is frequently necessary, especially if international travel is planned for the next few days or if the lost passport served as the person's sole form of identification. In these instances, a temporary same day passport also might be available, providing time to request and wait for a standard passport.

Travelers should beware of same day passport scams. These include companies that charge hefty fees to expedite passport applications, then don’t deliver in the promised time frame, as well as companies that steal applicants' information and never issue passports. These companies often prey on travelers who are in desperate situations and don't have time to check on the validity of passport services. Travelers should always check with the government of the country where they are or with a tourist or travel bureau before trying to get a passport through a third-party service. When in doubt, travelers should apply only with the government agency that will issue the passport.



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