What is an Automatic Wealth Solution?

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An automatic wealth solution is a proposed business plan, usually offered by a parent company, that is supposed to generate income without participation from the business owner. These plans generally require an up-front fee to get started and claim that money can be earned with minimal effort up front, followed by a continuous residual income thereafter. Most of these programs are scams, and very few people make any significant money with them. Very few of these plans allow most business owners in the program to make a livable income.

The concept of an automatic wealth solution is undoubtedly appealing to many individuals. Some want to make more money without doing the additional work. Others may simply fall prey to companies offering unlimited income for those with limited skills or education. Most of these offerings are scams and the only people making any money with the programs are their creators.

In most cases the automatic wealth solution involves the use of a website and either products or services that are then sold to consumers. Fees are typically charged up front and then potential business owners or operators are given a packet or directed to a website with further instructions. The set-up for each opportunity is different. Some offer site templates where consumers may buy products, while others are sent through the mail so the person can send postcards to other individuals who are looking to make money.


Many of these companies are not technically illegal because, in theory at least, one could make an income from their systems. For instance, an online store selling multiple items could help someone make money while he or she slept as some ads claim. The chances are just not very good that the amount of money earned will be worth the initial investment. These companies also fail to mention that the ones who do make a good living with these opportunities are those who spend hours marketing and directing others to their sites.

Some businesses which claim to have an automatic wealth solution may actually have some viable options for many individuals, but these businesses require a lot of time and energy up front before the income becomes automatic. There are businesses which offer a residual income, meaning that once an account is earned it pays over and over again. An example would be some insurance companies or telephone companies who offer agents a portion of each monthly payment from clients they brought into the company.

There is no such thing as an actual automatic wealth system in the way consumers are made to believe. Any income generated must be earned through hard work and diligence. This does not mean that large sums of money cannot be made online or through mail-order, but those who do the best spend a lot of time and energy building a customer base.



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