What is a Wealth Building System?

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A wealth building system is a scheme that purports to help people increase their net worth. Such plans lay out techniques for building wealth using financial planning and strong business techniques. People concerned about fraudulent and predatory advertising tactics, including pyramid schemes and similar types of frauds, have targeted wealth building systems as potentially suspect business opportunities, and advise consumers to proceed carefully with offers related to such systems.

It is certainly possible to build up assets from a limited start, as can be seen in the examples of a few notable people who have built business empires from nothing. These individuals relied on a strong work ethic, a good business sense, and being in the right place at the right time, however, rather than using a packaged wealth building system. Such systems usually suggest that people can “get rich quick” with a home business or franchise, and they are usually expensive to purchase, with extra fees for new training modules and “opportunities” such as conferences and new products.

A wealth building system is often based on a scheme where people need to recruit friends and neighbors to join the program in order to see results, or need to sell products to people they know. Once the available pool of people has been exhausted, it is difficult to build more wealth, and people may still be out money for buying products, promotional materials, and modules.


Critics suggest that wealth building systems primarily build wealth for their inventors, not for the consumers who purchase them. Some red flags with such systems can be the lack of an all-inclusive fee, with people needing to buy add-ons to use the system, along with language that sounds too good to be true. If advertisements promise rapid wealth or a specific amount of money within a set period of time, there is probably a catch. People should review the documentation with the wealth building system carefully to learn more about how the system works.

While a wealth building system is not necessarily automatically a scam, such schemes often are. Some systems stick to providing financial advice, information about starting and promoting home businesses, and referrals to people who can help manage and control finances. Businesses in a box tend to be more suspect in nature, and people may lose money on such systems at the worst, and at best, not come out that far ahead with their wealth building plans.



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