What is an Audiology Center?

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An audiology center is a facility where diagnosis and treatment of hearing problems is performed. Classically, such centers also address disorders of the balance system, because balance disorders are often related to problems with the ears. At an audiology center, patients can access a variety of services offered by audiologists, ranging from evaluation of newborn infants to ongoing management of hearing problems. Such facilities can be attached to hospitals, universities, or clinics, or they may be run as standalone facilities.

A number of testing options are available at an audiology center, including tests to measure hearing loss or to check on someone's hearing, tests which are designed to identify problems with the structure or function of the ears, and tests which can help care providers rule out physical problems with the hearing when diagnosing medical issues which seem to be related to hearing difficulties. For example, people with auditory processing disorder have normal hearing, but are not able to process auditory information.

In addition to hearing testing, audiology centers also offer fitting of hearing aids, assistance with assistive listing devices, and other services which care designed to help clients who are hard of hearing. Some facilities also offer cochlear implant consultations which can include implantation of such devices and regular checkups to monitor their function and make adjustments as needed. If the staff at an audiology center identify a problem which requires surgery or is related to another medical condition, they can work with another doctor to ensure that their patients get the appropriate treatment.

Since balance disorders are often associated with inner ear problems, an audiology center can also address issues such as dizziness and vertigo with routine testing and treatment of patients. These facilities also address pediatric hearing concerns along with issues like tinnitus and other hearing disorders. People interested in audiology jobs can often find employment at such facilities, whether they want to work as care providers, test administrators, or support staffers.

When looking for an audiology center, patients should make sure that a center offers the services and treatments the patient requires. For example, not all audiology centers work with cochlear implants. Patients may want to ask for recommendations from doctors or friends who have experienced hearing problems, and they can also look up rankings for care providers in various publications. Patients may also want to confirm that their insurance will be accepted at the center, or find out about costs if they will be paying out of pocket for services.


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