How do I Choose the Best Audiology Clinic?

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Choosing the right audiology clinic is important not only to ensure the proper treatment for your hearing, but also to feel comfortable and secure during each visit and when undergoing treatment. You should do your homework on all local clinics and service providers, and be prepared for a bit of trial and error while making a decision. Narrow down your options by considering several important factors.

First and foremost, you should consider which type of doctor is necessary to treat any conditions or ailments you have. A general practitioner may be all you need for minor issues, whereas more severe cases of hearing loss or inner ear related issues may require an audiologist at an audiology clinic. Once you have determined that a clinic is indeed the best choice, it's time to begin shopping around.

You may only need to talk with friends, coworkers, family members, and church members to find an audiology clinic that fits your needs. These people are generally excellent references for finding doctors that are reliable and personable. That said, you still should take into account that various people may be looking for different things in a physician. Don't be surprised if you do not choose the same doctor as someone close to you.


Find local clinics by checking your phone directory and searching for audiologists or audiology clinics. Then call each location and schedule to meet with a doctor for a consultation. Be sure to ask if a non-appointment meeting will render a cost. If it does, it is up to you whether it's worth the expense.

During your consultation visit, ask any questions that you may have regarding the practice. These may include matters of availability, costs, insurance acceptance and treatments provided. Save any specific medical questions for your first actual appointment.

In some cases, you may choose to pick an audiology clinic at random and attend a real appointment to discuss any issues you may be having. As you speak with the doctor and nurses you will get a feel for the atmosphere and the staff. If anything makes you uncomfortable for any reason, try a new practice the next time. Even if the person is a good doctor, it isn't worth it to deal with someone who is impersonal or cold in nature.

Many areas will not have more than one audiology clinic to choose from, so you may have limited options. If any issues with your doctor arise, most of the time they can be worked out if you are open and honest. Talk to him about anything you are concerned with. If that doesn't help, you may consider traveling to another town for visits to give yourself more options.



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