What is a Window Contractor?

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A window contractor is a person who is hired to install windows into either an existing structure or a house or commercial building that is being constructed. The contractor may work with other people either as sub-contractors or assistants who help during installation, but it is the contractor that the homeowner or builder will speak with first and hire directly. A window contractor is hired to perform the actual installation and, though he or she may help in choosing the right window for a given project, it is not always guaranteed that a contractor will do so. Many window contractors can also install doors and door frames as well, but this should be discussed with a contractor and never assumed by a builder or homeowner.

Someone who is building a home or business, or remodeling an existing property, should consider all the possible choices of windows both in terms of style and functionality. Most window contractors will be able to give suggestions and recommendations for what would look good with the existing building plan. The window contractor may also be able to give suggestions for windows that are more environmentally sound, which can also often help save money for homes and businesses through reduced utility bills.


Anyone looking to hire a window contractor should be sure of a few important details. Any contractor hired should be licensed, insured and bonded by professional agencies. Licensing may be performed at city, county, and regional levels and all of these should be properly completed.

Using a bonded and insured contractor will help ensure that any accidents that might occur will impact a homeowner or builder as little as possible. If a contractor is hired who is not insured and some sort of accident does occur on the jobsite, the homeowner or builder may be financially responsible and liable for any damages. Most legitimate contractors will be happy to provide evidence of proper licensing and insuring to a builder or homeowner.

A contractor should also be able to provide a prospective homeowner or builder with a list of customer referrals that can be contacted to verify customer satisfaction on previous jobs. A window contractor should also be willing to set a firm time line for completion of the job. This should be provided in writing, and then he or she should ensure the job is completed on time.



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