How do I Become a Home Improvement Contractor?

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If you would like to become a home improvement contractor, there are many opportunities to do so. The home improvement business is booming as many homeowners perform work on their homes and properties in an attempt to increase values and features. Doing business as a home improvement contractor can be a very lucrative career for anyone with excellent workmanship, a go-getter attitude and the ability to manage many projects.

In order to become a home improvement contractor, it’s generally a good idea to have a solid background in construction, carpentry, building, masonry, painting, plumbing, tiling and electrical work. You may be performing kitchen and bathroom renovations, floor installations and roofing jobs. Having mathematical ability and project management experience is a plus. Most home improvement contractors also know basic techniques for performing a wide range of minor and major home repairs.

A good way to develop the skills necessary to become a home improvement contractor is to work on some home improvement projects of your own or begin taking on work for friends, neighbors and family members. You can also volunteer to work with community building organizations. Getting real hands-on skills can go a long way when learning the different techniques needed to fix the common problems seen in residential structures and apartment homes. It also helps to work alongside other home improvement professionals to learn the right ways of doing things.


You may also consider taking online or local contractor classes in order to become a home improvement contractor. This will not only help you to learn ways in which you can start your home improvement business, but it will give you the opportunity to find experienced professionals with whom you can seek support and guidance as you get started on building your home contracting business. In addition, you will learn the laws and requirements of home improvement contracting for your region so that you can legally perform this work.

While it will be necessary to start purchasing the equipment needed to perform home improvement work, you can usually collect the tools and supplies needed as you take on new projects, with customers absorbing some of this cost included in labor fees. You will also want to learn how to manage a business, get the required business license and insurance, and obtain financial training to make sure that you handle billing and taxes correctly. As a small business owner, you may also need to market yourself to many people in order to land paying projects. Remember to ask your friends and family to act as references for you.



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