What Are the Different Types of Home Improvement Jobs?

Home improvement jobs include general contractor work, specialty contractor work such as plumbing and electrical, and other types of jobs, such as roofing and outside work. Some contractors may do more than one type of job. Some may do outside work, such roofing and siding, but could also do interior remodeling. Also, home improvement jobs may also include landscapers, especially those that work almost exclusively in the residential area. Depending on the skill level and experience, these jobs could demand a wide range of salaries.

A general contractor, and the wide demand for this type of work, represents one of the most common types of home improvement jobs. These contractors often are skilled at doing a number of different tasks including drywall work, hanging cabinets, installing counter tops and other fixtures, and general maintenance. They may even be responsible for even building entire homes from the foundation up in some cases. If the general contractor cannot do a task, he or she may call in a subcontractor.

Subcontractors are commonly plumbers and electricians, specialties that require certifications that many home improvement general contractors may not have. Plumbers may install piping, sinks, shower heads and faucets. Electricians will handle all the wiring, as well as installation of breaker boxes and other electrical equipment. These jobs require specialized knowledge and certification, and therefore often pay significantly more than generalized labor.


Often overlooked among home improvement jobs, outside landscaping also requires a specialized knowledge. These individuals help homeowners decide what trees, grass and shrubs are most appropriate not only for the area, but also the size of the lot. To help complement the vegetation, landscapers may also suggest and install paths, rock gardens and water features such as fountains, ponds and waterfalls. They can also help modify the features of the land to help prevent flooding and erosion.

Some home improvement companies may specialize in a certain area of home improvement, and dedicate all their time and labor to that one area. For example, many companies specialize just in roofing applications or just in brickwork. This allows those performing home improvement jobs to become skilled just in that one area. Overall, this could lead to faster work done at a higher quality.

Those interested in seeking a job in the home improvement field should prepare for work that can be very demanding, as well as unpredictable. While the hourly pay rate, when home improvement jobs are available, can be good, some workers may need to save some of that money, especially in areas where work can be seasonal. While workers may not need formalized higher education to get a job in home improvement, any experience in the field helps, as can obtaining certifications in fields like plumbing or electrical work.



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