What is a Swivel Ironing Board?

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A swivel ironing board is a kind of an ironing board that is attached to a wall but has the ability to swivel in order to accommodate the needs of the person who is ironing. Some of these kinds of boards only swivel in one direction, giving them a 90-degree range of adjustment. In some less common cases, they swivel in two directions, giving them a 180-degree range of adjustment. In most cases, a swivel ironing board is also a hideaway ironing board. This means that, in addition to being able to swivel from side to side, the ironing board folds up into a cabinet so that it can be stowed when it is not in use. These kinds of cabinets are usually installed in laundry rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, which are the areas where people most commonly do their ironing.

Many home stores sell kits that allow people to easily install swivel ironing boards in their homes. It is quite common for there to be extra storage space inside a cabinet that contains a swivel ironing board. This storage space is usually intended to hold the iron and accessories that are needed during the ironing process, such as a spray bottle of water. Some of these cabinets are even outfitted with a small lamp that is used to direct light onto the swivel ironing board. As is to be expected, the more features that are included in this kind of cabinet, the higher the price.


It is possible to purchase a swivel ironing board that is adjustable, not only on the horizontal plane but on the vertical plane. While there is quite a range for adjusting this kind of swivel ironing board along the horizontal plane, the range of possible vertical adjustments is much smaller. Although there are some models that differ, it is common for a swivel ironing board that has this feature to be adjustable by 4 inches (about 10 cm). This is beneficial for people who do quite a bit of ironing, as having the board at the right height can make the process of ironing more comfortable and also reduce to risk of experiencing back pain after ironing for hours. It is also beneficial for households where more than one member of the family shares the chore of ironing, especially if those who are responsible differ greatly in height.



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