How do I Choose the Best Compact Ironing Board?

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When choosing a compact ironing board, the most important things to consider are where the ironing board will be used, how sturdy it ought to be, and what kinds of materials it ought to be made out of. Another consideration that is also rather important is the size of the ironing board when it is open and in use, and its size when it is collapsed for storage. Other considerations may include whether the compact ironing board is small enough to travel with, or if it has joints in the middle of the board to allow it to collapse down to a size that will fit into a suitcase. Another consideration is whether the ironing board has a place for the iron to rest when it is not in use or while it is cooling.


Thinking about where a compact ironing board will be used is quite important, especially if it is going to be used in a small space or on a small surface. If a compact ironing board is going to be used on top of a moderately sized work table, it should not exceed the width of the table. Instead, it should be slightly shorter than the width of the table. This also brings up the consideration of whether the compact ironing board should have legs. If the board is meant to be used atop a steady surface, legs are unnecessary. If the compact ironing board will be used in a freestanding form, it should have legs that are both sturdy and long enough so that the user feels comfortable while using it.

There are a few types of materials that are used to cover the tops of ironing boards. Some are advertised as being of better quality than others. There are also some that are advertised as helping to wick moisture away from the surface of the ironing board, which can be useful for people who need to do a great deal of ironing at one time while using steam or spray. Some people also like to consider the aesthetics of items in their homes, no matter how utilitarian the items may be. For these folks, it may be important to consider the color or pattern that appears on the fabric that covers the top of the compact ironing board as well as the material and color of the legs.



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