What is a Swine Flu Cough?

A swine flu cough is a dry cough that is associated with the swine flu. The swine flu is a type of influenza virus that preys upon the elderly, pregnant women, and children. Typically, people who are in close contact with pigs are at a higher risk for contracting swine influenza, though this type of flu may impact large populations as a whole.

People who work with animals, or who work at animal processing facilities, may contract the swine flu easily. In most instances, this type of flu is not fatal, though it can cause death in some cases. After contracting this flu virus, many people will be faced with severe flu symptoms including a dry and sore throat, aches, pains, a high fever, and the swine flu cough.

Unlike other coughs, the swine flu cough is a dry raspy cough. Frequently, it is hard for a person who has the swine flu cough to calm this type of coughing using over-the-counter cough aids. In many instances, a swine flu cough can last for months following an initial swine flu infection. Due to the nature of this cough, many people often mistake it for asthma.

People who have been dealing with this type of cough for more than one month should seek medical attention. While most coughs of this nature eventually fade, some people may have a hard time breathing while battling this flu side effect. Parents of small children should attempt to contain a swine flu cough right away, since some children may choke while coughing.

Due to the fact that the swine influenza can be serious, medical doctors across the globe urge anyone experiencing intense flu symptoms to seek medical attention right away. This is especially true when it comes to elderly people, since a flu of any kind can be crippling to someone in this population.

Swine flu treatments do exist, though these treatments must be taken at the first sign of the swine flu. In addition to various treatments, it is important to isolate a person who has been affected by this type of flu. People battling this strain of influenza should drink plenty of liquids, rest, and remain inactive until signs of the flu have dissipated. The common flu shot will not protect a person against the swine flu. A swine flu cough should go away within a few weeks or following prescription treatment.


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