What is a Storage Closet?

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A storage closet is an area of the home in which rarely used or seasonal items are stored, to keep them organized and out of the way. A storage closet may also refer to a closet such as a laundry closet or linen closet, where items that are unattractive to display out on a shelf may be stored. People who are building homes frequently add more closets than may seem necessary, because it tends to be better to store unused items in closets rather than a basement or attic.

Items stored in a basement or attic have the potential to grow mold or mildew if the area is damp, or to be damaged by the heat in an attic. In addition, it is easier for moths or other bugs to invade items stored in a basement or attic, potentially causing costly or irreversible damage. For this reason, a storage closet in a home can be a great way to preserve items while keeping them in a safer, more temperature controlled environment that is readily accessible. Items stored in a storage closet commonly include seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, tools, or unused household items, among others.


It is important to keep a storage closet organized, both to protect items and to make it easier to find things when the time comes. There are many closet organization systems sold in home improvement stores, also known as closet kits; these can add shelves and racks to the closet, and some are specially designed for the purposes of the closet. For example, if the closet will be used for laundry, it might feature smaller shelves for laundry detergent and fabric softener, with larger hanging racks to hang clothes. A closet system for use in the garage might feature areas for tools or for smaller pieces of hardware.

It is not necessary to install a closet system to create an effective storage closet, however. Storing items in clear bins, for example, can make it easy for one to see what is in the bins, as well as to access at a later date. Practice good organization when trying to fit numerous items into a closet. Store rarely used items up high, and more frequently used items lower, or at eye level; this method can be used throughout the house when trying to organize cabinets and other closets such as a pantry or bedroom closet. In addition, go through items regularly to either sell them or donate them to charity; there is no reason to store something in a storage closet and take up space in the home if it will never be used again.



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