What Is a Safety Strategic Plan?

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A safety strategic plan is a type of resource that is often used in the process of risk management. The idea of the safety plan is to make sure that the operation of an entity is within the safety regulations provided by a local, state, or national government. At the same time, this type of plan will often address various potential situations and provide solutions for those solutions. The exact nature and composition of a safety strategic plan will vary, based on the nature of the relevant safety regulations involved, how to comply with those regulations, and also how to handle safety issues that are related directly to the type of operation involved.

With a business operation, the focus of a safety strategic plan will often focus on making sure the workplace is safe and secure for all employees who work in that environment. The scope of issues addressed in the plan will involve making sure that the layout of the operation itself is in compliance with governmental safety regulations that apply, while also addressing the actual production processes. This will often include making sure the equipment used is within the safety standards set for the operation, supplying and requiring employees to wear protective gear that helps to reduce the potential of bodily harm during working hours, and also providing escalation procedures that can be implemented immediately in the event that some sort of industrial accident should occur.


The details of a safety strategic plan may be somewhat simple in nature, or very complex depending on the setting. For example, this type of strategic management plan in a textile plant may call for allowing certain machinery to be placed well away from common walkways throughout the plant floor, requiring employees working on those machines to wear safety goggles and ear plugs while at their work stations, and possibly wearing safety gloves and protective garments if their responsibilities call for handling chemicals or hot liquids. At the same time, this plan will normally include specific steps to follow if there is an electrical overload in a machine or if someone sustains an injury involving company-owned equipment.

The concept of a safety strategic plan can be translated into a number of other settings. Local municipalities like cities or towns may develop plans of this type for administrative offices, or parks and other recreation facilities operated by the municipality. Utility companies can create plans of this type of their plant facilities. In all instances, the focus of a safety strategic plan is to create an environment that is as safe and secure as possible, while also creating contingency processes that can be implemented immediately in the event of any type of injury.



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