What are Asset Services?

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Asset services are a wide variety of jobs and tasks related to the management, analysis, and maintenance of assets. Just about any kind of valuable item can be an asset, from funds to factory machinery to property. There are many financial and real estate companies that provide asset services, helping their clients meet financial and investing goals through careful management. There are many different types of asset services, including portfolio analysis, investing services, and asset evaluation.

Many asset services companies deal with investing and financial asset management. These firms tend to employ many accountants and asset managers who are skilled at assisting clients with investing strategies and plans. Financial asset services may include an initial portfolio analysis, which will identify weaknesses in a current investment plan and suggest a list of alternatives that could provide higher returns. Using an asset management company may also give clients access to greater investing opportunities than they would have as an independent investor, since the reputation of the company may help open doors.


After an initial analysis and strategy creation, a financial asset services company may provide a client with ongoing monitoring of their portfolio, as well as make day-to-day trading decisions based on their planned strategy. They may also provide regular performance updates that show how well the portfolio is performing, and whether strategic adaptations should be applied to deal with a changing market. Though using asset services companies cannot always guarantee a return, it may be a good option for those who do not have the time or ability to manage their own investments.

Asset services are very important in the industrial and commercial markets. Careful asset analysis and management plays a part in determining the value of a business, and gives information that can be critically important to managing a budget and understanding operating costs. For instance, a car manufacturing plant cannot know the value of its business until it factors in the value of the machinery in the plant. Asset services in commercial and industrial business can also determine maintenance costs, create safety and emergency plans for malfunctions or accidents, and aid in the creation of optimization plans that increase efficiency.

Real estate asset services often involve the evaluation and management of properties. In addition to working with clients that own multiple properties, real estate asset management companies often work with banks to manage default properties. Since banks are generally primarily concerned with financial services, a real estate management company may work with a bank to value bank-owned homes, manage title issues, and eventually re-sell the property to mitigate the bank's losses.



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