What is a Running Log?

A running log is an a record of one's running-related workouts that is updated on a regular basis, which can be used to help track progress and meet fitness goals. Some people use a running log in order to prepare for a marathon or a similar fitness challenge. Others simply use it to meet personal fitness goals having to do with speed, distance, endurance, and weight loss. Also, keeping a running log can help runners to stick to a schedule and make sure that they find time to fit workouts in to their normal daily schedules.

There are a few kinds of running logs. The most rudimentary form is simply a notebook and a pencil. There are also pre-formatted notebooks that have grids, calendars, and organized spaces for all sorts of aspects related to running fitness. There are also paperless running logs that are available as software or online. These sorts of running logs include all of the same sorts of charts and grids as the pre-formatted notebooks but are sometimes connected to running communities where people can connect, talk about running, and share tips.

One of the benefits of an online running log is that, depending on the type of interface, it may be possible to integrate the information in the log to the information in one's other paperless calendars. This sort of information integration is a great way to stay organized and stick to a running schedule. It is also a great way for running groups or teams to compare schedules and figure out times to meet and train together.

Reviewing a running log on a regular basis can be an important motivational tool for runners to see how far they have come and to review their progress on weekly, monthly, and even yearly calendars. Some running logs even have built-in calculators that allow runners to track how many miles they have run in their shoes. Some runners use this as a way to figure out when it is time to purchase new running shoes.

Another benefit of a running log is that it can be used as a weight loss log as well for people who are using running as a way to get in shape. It is possible to add a weight category to the running log and track weight loss therein. Also, it is possible to track the number of calories that are burned during each workout in a running log.


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