What are the Best Tips for Running for Beginners?

Running is an excellent aerobic workout that can improve overall fitness and strength, but it can be difficult to get started. There are some important tips for running for beginners that can help one to start and maintain a workout, as well as to prevent injury. One of the best tips for running for beginners is to start off with a visit to a physician; this is especially true if one is particularly overweight or in mediocre health. A physician will be able to provide advice regarding the safety of a running routine and on how to stay healthy.

Another one of the best tips for running for beginners is to research running programs. There are many programs available for free online that provide scheduled running plans that can help one ease into a running workout, and increase physical fitness without starting out too aggressively and burning out. If one chooses not to use such a running plan, it is best to attempt to create one; again, start slowly and gradually increase the distance or intensity of workouts over time. Interval training with slow jogging interspersed with breaks for walking is a great way to start.

Try to choose a time of day that is best for your individual preferences; some people have more energy in the mornings, while others are best in the evenings. Choosing a preferred time of day is one of the most important tips for running for beginners because it makes one more likely to stick with a routine. Another common tip for running for beginners is to find a running buddy to exercise with. Not only is this safer when running outside, but it can provide extra motivation to get outside and exercise when one might otherwise just want to relax.

Beginners who are just starting a running program should make a plan to run regularly, four to five days per week. It is actually easier to do something every day than to do something just once or twice a week. In addition, keep a running log that includes the distance run and the time it took; this will be a great way to track improvement. Some beginning runners find that it helps to set goals, such as to run a 5K; once one reaches a goal, simply set another, and keep going. Running can be a great weight loss tool as well, but it must be combined with a proper diet to see results.


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