What is a Pure Essential Oil?

Essential oils are liquids that are obtained by distilling the leaves, stems or other parts of a plant. A pure essential oil contains only this plant extract and no additional ingredients. Some pure types of essential oils include tea tree oil, lavender oil and eucalyptus oil. A pure essential oil can have many uses including beauty treatments and aromatherapy. Essential oil blends might contain more than one type of essential oil as well as other ingredients. Pure essential oils can be very strong and should be used with care.

A pure essential oil is made by distilling the plant with steam. Different parts of the plant such as the stem, bark, flower or leaves may be used depending on the specific qualities of the particular plant. The steam is then condensed back into liquid form and becomes the pure essential oil. This oil captures the essence of the plant, hence the name “essential oil.” These oils are highly concentrated and very powerful.

One of the most popular uses for essential oils is aromatherapy. Lavender essential oil often has a relaxing effect when used to scent a room. Many people use lemon essential oil as aromatherapy to improve their moods because the fragrance is said to be uplifting. Peppermint pure essential oil is another popular choice for combating depression. Essential oils may be used for aromatherapy in a diffuser or by applying a small amount directly to the skin.

Some types of essential oils can be used in skincare. Tea tree oil has antiseptic qualities that make it well suited to treating acne. Geranium oil can leave aging skin with a healthy glow by increasing circulation upon application. Lavender oil can be used to even out skin tone and fade acne marks. Neroli oil is often recommended for people trying to get rid of stretch marks.

A pure essential oil can be very potent so these oils are often blended with other types of oils to make them less irritating. A carrier oil such as almond or jojoba oil is often blended with the pure essential oil to dilute it. A few drops of essential oil mixed with a carrier oil makes a great perfume. A small amount of pure essential oil goes a long way so these blends are a safe and effective way to get the desired effects.

A few precautions should be heeded when using essential oils. Never ingest a pure essential oil. It is not safe to take essential oils internally. Pregnant women should avoid using essential oils for any reason because the effects on pregnancy are generally unknown. Children and people with lung problems should also steer clear of essential oils. People with sensitive skin or allergies should exercise extreme caution when applying a pure essential oil to the skin.


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